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    Creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

    The world’s population today is on the move, as people and businesses rethink virtually every aspect about where to live and work. These shifts carry profound implications and now is the time to unify your company around a strategy that keeps you on top.

Private Equity

Our global network helps source deal opportunities and combines sector insights with proven, innovative strategies that have guided the world's fastest-growing companies. We help PE firms drive meaningful impact across the breadth of their fund and portfolio by helping in the creation of long-term value in an actionable, sustainable, and transparent manner for all stakeholders.

Investment Screening

Our work with clients in pre-diligence investment screening is varied and tailored to their specific needs. We help identify and qualify investment opportunities by leveraging a systematic process to screen and reveal potential targets and provide proactive, investable insights and thematic ideas.

Due Diligence

Our approach to due diligence is flexible and analytics-driven, incorporating extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience. Our flexible model allows for a wide range of potential configurations, from targeted analysis to fully integrated due diligence.

Portfolio Development

We help clients develop and execute aggressive, targeted plans of action to capture near-term opportunities and ensure the success of their investment. Portfolio projects are customized, with scale and timings driven by client need. Our services range from rapid assessments of portfolio company business functions to comprehensive turnaround of performance, redesigning processes and operations from the ground up.

Firm strategy and development. Combining deep insights on global macroeconomic trends with proprietary research on market trends, we help clients make strategic choices to increase fund and firm performance, including how to establish competitive positioning, how to adapt investment processes, how to settle on an investment strategy, and how to evolve their governance structure. We also provide support for operational improvement, including risk management and business support functions.

Venture Capital

We act as your VC arm, amplifying the reach, leverage, and success of your VC program.

We understand what makes corporate venture funds succeed, both financially and strategically, and our proven practices and techniques garner strong results. We are deeply connected to venture and start-up ecosystems around the world, and hit the ground running, with an experienced VC team and a strong network of industry experts.

Real Estate

We pair extensive real estate and functional expertise with deep knowledge across sectors to help both organizations and individuals reimagine the role they play in space acquisition, development, and use. Real estate was once considered a relative safe harbour, an asset class marked by steady value creation and predictable trends. Those days are over. New technologies, the global pandemic, and urgent sustainability concerns are now disrupting the industry in ways that raise the stakes for all decisions real estate investors make.

Our global client engagements and real estate consulting expertise has played a pivotal role in helping leaders in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate remain ahead amid relentless competition.

Project Advisory 
& Capital

We are attracted to the most challenging projects where we can leverage our unique positioning and skillset to support our clients’ teams: such as in new sectors or technologies, new markets or untested contractual frameworks and projects which are pioneers in their asset class.
When it comes to investment decisions, financing and approvals for major projects, reliable information, robust evidence, and strategic banking relationships across trade, finance and private banking globally are crucial. Working closely with you to understand your unique context and requirements, we develop the information and advice you need to identify, analyse, and communicate investment risks and rewards.
Customising an investment and finance strategy to suit your needs, including your decision-making, approval, and project governance requirements, we develop compelling analysis to help you consider project value through a variety of lenses - social, economic, technical, financial, regulatory, and environmental.

Our expertise also extends to redefining and restructuring relationships between shareholders across the diversity of key stakeholders to enhance capabilities through alternative Financial strategies, whilst also identifying and managing associated industry and process risks.


Clients across mining and metals value chains look to us for the practical advice and deep insight they need to adapt to changing markets, overcome challenges and grow their businesses.

Our clients come from across the worlds of mining, metals, and from the industries and professions that support them or rely on them for their raw materials. Business leaders, strategists, analysts, marketeers, financiers, lawyers, sustainability experts and policy-makers all look to us for informed and insightful intelligence and advice.

Respected for our deep industry knowledge and perspective, our team has experienced first-hand the challenges you face, and have developed the technical grounding to understand your issues quickly. We pride ourselves on the excellence and integrity of the advice we deliver.